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“5 Reasons My Church ROCKS!”… just indulge me.

I’m wide awake and surprisingly alert. Hard to believe that 4 hours of sleep was enough to recharge my batteries but so it is. It is very early and it is just me, my Bible and my Mac. I can’t stop thinking about my CHURCH. I’m not saying we are perfect, I’m not saying we are better than other churches, I’m not even saying our church is for everybodyBUT MAN MY CHURCH ROCKS!!!


#1 PASTOR BOB (Romans 13:1, Titus 3:1)

  • He insists we call him “Pastor Bob” even though he has the credentials to insist we use the “DR.”. Early on he said the best thing we could call him would be “Pastor”…not Dr. or even brother but Pastor!
  • He can “flat out preach”. Anyone who gets in the pulpit can put together a handful of good messages. But for almost three years, Sunday after Sunday, he gets up and “brings it!”.
  • He is a Triathlete! C’mon…how can that NOT ROCK?
  • He is not impressed with himself. Confident but self-effacing. He can laugh at his own expense…small ego.
  • He is a gifted leader that can be trusted.
  • He is willing to take some risks… Building a Jr High/College Building in this economy?…done! Starting a Satellite Campus less than 6 miles away to reach SAFB? …done! INcreasing missions emphasis locally, nationally and internationally?….done!

#2 THE STAFF (2 Cor. 8:23, Col 4:11)

  • From the Preschool Director to the Executive Pastor, they have been tested by “the fires” of ministry and been found faithful.
  • They are extremely competent
  • They work VERY hard
  • They are trustworthy
  • We are a TEAM…No “prima donnas”. We pull together, in the same direction, for the same purpose.

#3 THE WORSHIP SERVICES (Hebrews 12:28)

  • 9:15 Blended, 10:50 Contemporary, 10:50 Satellite are ridiculously good.
  • I’m sure the new Church at Sheppard will be equally good when we launch on Easter
  • Done with excellence but not “showy”

#4 LIFE GROUPS (Hebrews 10:25)

  • They are like family (not the kind you “have” to see at holidays, but the kind you want to “hang with” at the movies)
  • I know it is not “trendy” to meet on Sunday Mornings in small groups for what amounts to being “Sunday School” but these groups involve a couple thousand people on any given Sunday. It works…very, very well!!
  • They connect people to each other, teach them scripture, give em a place to serve together and help em share their story about how they came to know Jesus.
  • I have watched marriages restored, lives changed and people meet Jesus in these groups.
  • Everyone is welcome in these groups…and I mean everyone!
  • If you say they are “boring” you have never been!


  • You are welcome in shorts or a three-piece-suit…nobody cares. (well, the few that do keep their mouths shut ūüôā
  • Our Sr. Adults share space with Young Adults and ACTUALLY LIKE IT!
  • We are “friendly” AND we will also be your friend!
  • Our people refuse to be DEFINED by what we are AGAINST but by what we are FOR!
  • I see “60 somethings” in suits laughing with “20 somethings” in tattoos! THAT ROCKS!

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Monday Morning Brain Dump 5/10/10


  • Best 4 week stretch of sermons I have heard in the last 10 years.¬† “Decisions, Development and Deployment” will be the way we roll!¬† Thanks Bob!
  • Brian and Hannah Lee will do amazing things for God. Thankful to be part of their support¬† team. Watch out Ft Collins!
  • Turns out you get less sleep when your kids are teenagers than when they are infants… at least the way we do it!
  • 1 Kings 14:1-13 ¬†tells the great story¬†about Jonathan “picking a fight’!¬† Does God want you to “pick one too”?
  • Simplifying life is a pretty easy precess. Fear is the thing that paralyzes us…. don’t be fearful… there is a good chance that the people you fear are guided by what everyone thinks of them….too!
  • My wife Margie is the most intuitive person I have ever met! She just knows stuff…..lots of stuff!¬† Some of it is the way she is gifted, some of it is that she is great at reading people….and some of it is that she is a mom!
  • I really think the best movie were made before 1960. Good guys were good, good girls were too. Non of the brooding, conflicted, angst-ridden “heroes”….black or white! So what if it did not reflect real life…. it’s a movie!
  • One of my Life Group Directors has become pastor of a local church….talk about “deployment!”¬† Way to go Robert and Erica…real proud of ya!
  • The Astros¬†are the worst team in baseball….they are terrible. I still love em!
  • The World Cup Starts in 32 days…. most Americans couldn’t¬† care less!. Me? I can’t wait!¬† Come on USA!
  • We said goodbye (moved)¬† to Lynn and Karen Pace. Karen is perhaps the best Preschool Director who ever lived! They will be in the Metroplex having moved with Lynn’s job. To quote our pastor…. “It would not be so bad to loose her if it had not been so good to have her”!
  • 95% of God’s will for your/my ¬†life is already spelled out in scripture. Live out the 95% and the other 5% (that we worry most about ) will be more easily discerned!
  • Christian Atheist by Craig Groeschel is a great read!¬† The premise is that many of us who are in the” Christian culture” actually live like God does not exist. Are we actually Christians then?
  • Proud to be part of my family! ¬†…they live like people who believe God is real! (see above) Pretty cool considering my side really did not grow up in church.
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Saturday Morning “Brain Dump” 2-6-10

Here are s few dangling thoughts that I can’t really attach to any complete entries…

  • IT IS POSSIBLE for a 10 year old boy to inflict great pain on his father while wrestling! ¬†Just saying.
  • STAFF EVALUATIONS are a great chance to encourage and support the staff. Especially when they are ridiculously talented, faithful and love the Lord. ¬†This week starts the process of looking back over the last 12 months and celebrating what God is doing in the life of the ministerial and support staff at FBC. They are the “cr√®me of the crop”!
  • SINGLES MINISTRY RESURRECTION has begun! Every week God brings more single young adults to FBC and to the “Single Focus” Midweek Gathering. 6:30pm Wednesdays, ¬†if you can be there!
  • CHRISTIANITY 101! WITH BLESSING COMES CRITICISM! While we are all willing to learn from our mistakes (of which I make plenty) the venom with which they are pointed out has a huge bearing on my willingness to accommodate the issue. Yes, there is a story there… No, I will not share it.
  • NOT ONLY IS IT “More Blessed to Give than to Receive”……. it is more fun!
  • A MARK OF BEING A CHRISTIAN is¬†COMPASSION. Jesus had compassion for folks. He saw them as sheep without a shepherd, lost and without hope. ¬†(Mark 6:24, Luke 7:33 etc…)
  • SOLD MY TRUCK. Real sad day. Pretty sure I had an unhealthy attachment to that hunk of steel! Oh well, good decision. ¬†“sniff, sniff.”THERE IS A POINT IN A PERSON’S LIFE where the¬†PAIN OF SELLING A BELOVED VEHICLE is outweighed by the¬†PAIN OF WRITING A MONTHLY CHECK!
  • SUCCESS IS POLARIZING! When God is doing something special in a church, critics come out of the woodwork…… like termites.
  • MY “BROWN EYED GIRL” lights up a room by just smiling. (Silver Braces add to the shine!)
  • iPHONE APPS ARE ADDICTIVE…. Spurgeon, iBomber, Logos, Dragon Dictation… Pretty sure the iPhone runs on MAGIC! ¬†Really.
  • HEARING SERMON AFTER SERMON without the slightest intent of putting it into practice makes you cynical, critical and eventually kills your faith. ¬†(James 1:22)
  • The CHRISTIAN MUSIC INDUSTRY is an interesting mix of Amazing Worship Opportunities, Secular Marketing Techniques, Sincere performers, God Inc., Prima Donnas, Shepherds, Pretenders, over-stylized niche singers, fantastic talent….. for sure an accurate reflection of the Church. ¬†(too strong?)
  • CAN’T WAIT FOR THE M.E.G.A. CONFERENCE! Learn a lot, laugh a lot. Looking forward to meeting some new folks too. ¬†Always an encouraging few days!

Whew….that is a load off my mind!

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Tuesday Morning “Brain Dump” (1-12-10)

Tuesday mornings are usually the first time I can “breathe” since Sunday morning at about 6am. So much happens in that 48 hours that I stay pretty focused and streamlined in my thinking. Late Monday night, however, is a time that I reflect on the previous 6 days. These are a few things that just keep coming up…..

  • My Pastor’s message Sunday morning was , hands down, the best message I have heard (anywhere) in the last 6 months. And believe me, I listen to a lot “big names” and even some of the “little ones”. It showed great humility, leadership and wisdom. Phrases about “going to people and not expecting them to come to us”, being “missional minded”, reaching out expecting nothing in return, the expectation that our church should help other churches that are struggling……. I could go on! You just don’t typically hear that at a 130 year old Downtown First Baptist Church. ¬†That may explain the terrific growth we are experiencing…
  • Senior Adults Rock! They have more love and understanding about ministry that most of us “Young Adults”. They understand sacrifice and commitment. ¬†They don’t just talk about service…they do it!
  • Snow does not always melt in temps above freezing. It was 58 degrees yesterday and I still have some snow in my yard!
  • My Daughter can sing! Man can she sing! Yea, yea, I know, but really….she can sing!
  • Leading people to Jesus Never gets old! – Got to walk someone across the line last week. Prayed with a young man who was empty. Deeply moved and getting plugged in. Now that is what I signed up for!
  • Seeing marriages implode ¬†is “real old”! I’m really tired of this story…unfaithful, money probs, kid issues, jobs, insecurity, abuse, lust, jealousy…..blah blah blah….. I have heard it. ¬†At the risk of going all “Mark Driscol” on people…”Just STOP IT!”
  • No program, counseling or personality can transform a heart like Jesus….not even Oprah.
  • I love BRIT HUME!
  • I love my S.H.W.* more than any person on the planet! Married to Margie for 21 years on January 7th. ¬†Best friend, lover, confidant, counselor, encourager, voice of reason …. she is IT!
  • Discovered I’m not really a “Truck Guy” – Expensive lesson! Anyone wanna buy a truck? ¬†You will love it! ¬†Diesel, F250, Crew Cab, 4×4 call me:)
  • I like soccer – May as well get that off my chest too. Watched my son play indoor soccer (3 goals) combined with a diet of English Premier League over the last few weeks. ¬†I have been won over…….. GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL!
  • Best iphone App I have is Spurgeon’s “Morning and Evening”. ¬†Just get it and you will see.
  • I don’t dream big enough – but working on it.

aaaaahhhhhh….. I feel better!

* Smokin Hot Wife