SARAH-CLARE’S BIRTHDAY!!! “Repost 5 Reasons…”

27 Apr
Today is my daughter’s 16th Birthday!  She has grown into a beautiful (inside and out) young woman with a great heart for Jesus!.  Margie and I could not be more proud of who she is becoming: gracious, loyal, generous, gentle and fierce. I have learned a lot from her.  The following is a repost of something I wrote over a year ago. What was true then is STILL true to day…..
Sarah-Clare (daughter), and I wear (wore) bracelets that represent our support for the “Invisible Children” in the war-torn country of Uganda (small donation).  Getting them was her idea.  I’m not even sure exactly where she first heard about the children but before I knew it she had researched the supporting organization, formulated a plan to support the relief efforts and figured out how to get the word out around here.
Through that little bracelet, she opened my eyes to injustice in the world….and showed me I can learn a lot from my passionate 15 16 year old daughter.
Here are just a few things I have learned watching her grow up:
  1. SHE IS PASSIONATE! My daughter throws herself wholeheartedly into projects that she cares about! No cynicism, pessimism or other negative “isms”. Whether it is ballet or injustice in a country thousands of miles away, she brings enthusiasm to it. I need to be more passionate about the things that God is passionate about!
  2. SHE IS SENSITIVE TO INJUSTICE – When I pray for my pastor and those in leadership I typically pray that they have a “thick skin and a heart like Jesus”. While she is working on the “thick skin” part, she has the “heart like Jesus” down pat!   Job 5:15-16   I need to be sensitive to injustice!
  3. HER OWN SIN REALLY BOTHERS HER! – She has not learned to “harden her heart towards the things of God”.  As I watch her grow up I see a young woman who is developing the ability to recognize when her heart is leaving the things of God. She is often quick to come back to Him.    Hebrews 3:13   I need to weep over my own sin!
  4. SHE “LISTENS TO THE SERMON” – I know, I know….we ALL listen to the sermon right?  BUT she REALLY LISTENS! This afternoon was a great example: Our pastor preached a message he called “En-Vision 2010”. In it he explained what he believes God is asking the church to do as to local missions, discipleship etc….. an absolutely great message. Afterwards, I was quickly on to the next thing…. a leadership meeting at noon and the all church fellowship tonight, outreach, and staff retreat at the end of the week.  Not Sarah-Clare…late this afternoon she “plopped down” next to me on the sofa and explained what God had told her during the message. “Wow”, I thought, “He told me to worry about the leadership meeting, all church fellowship, blah, blah, blah”)    James 1:22  She is a do-er!  I need to be a do-er and not a hearer only!
  5. SHE DOES NOT “CHANGE THE CHANNEL” – I have gotten pretty good about looking the other way when confronted with the homeless, disadvantaged or stricken. “I can’t help everyone” or “It is probably a scam”,  I remind myself as I switch back to the ballgame.  Sarah Clare, on the other hand, is willing to look at these things with eyes of genuine concern and desire to help. She is actually frustrated the she can’t help them all!   I need to be frustrated more!

It turns out that I really need to be a lot more like my 15 16  year old daughter…

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