“5 Reasons My Church ROCKS!”… just indulge me.

26 Feb
I’m wide awake and surprisingly alert. Hard to believe that 4 hours of sleep was enough to recharge my batteries but so it is. It is very early and it is just me, my Bible and my Mac. I can’t stop thinking about my CHURCH. I’m not saying we are perfect, I’m not saying we are better than other churches, I’m not even saying our church is for everybodyBUT MAN MY CHURCH ROCKS!!!


#1 PASTOR BOB (Romans 13:1, Titus 3:1)

  • He insists we call him “Pastor Bob” even though he has the credentials to insist we use the “DR.”. Early on he said the best thing we could call him would be “Pastor”…not Dr. or even brother but Pastor!
  • He can “flat out preach”. Anyone who gets in the pulpit can put together a handful of good messages. But for almost three years, Sunday after Sunday, he gets up and “brings it!”.
  • He is a Triathlete! C’mon…how can that NOT ROCK?
  • He is not impressed with himself. Confident but self-effacing. He can laugh at his own expense…small ego.
  • He is a gifted leader that can be trusted.
  • He is willing to take some risks… Building a Jr High/College Building in this economy?…done! Starting a Satellite Campus less than 6 miles away to reach SAFB? …done! INcreasing missions emphasis locally, nationally and internationally?….done!

#2 THE STAFF (2 Cor. 8:23, Col 4:11)

  • From the Preschool Director to the Executive Pastor, they have been tested by “the fires” of ministry and been found faithful.
  • They are extremely competent
  • They work VERY hard
  • They are trustworthy
  • We are a TEAM…No “prima donnas”. We pull together, in the same direction, for the same purpose.

#3 THE WORSHIP SERVICES (Hebrews 12:28)

  • 9:15 Blended, 10:50 Contemporary, 10:50 Satellite are ridiculously good.
  • I’m sure the new Church at Sheppard will be equally good when we launch on Easter
  • Done with excellence but not “showy”

#4 LIFE GROUPS (Hebrews 10:25)

  • They are like family (not the kind you “have” to see at holidays, but the kind you want to “hang with” at the movies)
  • I know it is not “trendy” to meet on Sunday Mornings in small groups for what amounts to being “Sunday School” but these groups involve a couple thousand people on any given Sunday. It works…very, very well!!
  • They connect people to each other, teach them scripture, give em a place to serve together and help em share their story about how they came to know Jesus.
  • I have watched marriages restored, lives changed and people meet Jesus in these groups.
  • Everyone is welcome in these groups…and I mean everyone!
  • If you say they are “boring” you have never been!


  • You are welcome in shorts or a three-piece-suit…nobody cares. (well, the few that do keep their mouths shut 🙂
  • Our Sr. Adults share space with Young Adults and ACTUALLY LIKE IT!
  • We are “friendly” AND we will also be your friend!
  • Our people refuse to be DEFINED by what we are AGAINST but by what we are FOR!
  • I see “60 somethings” in suits laughing with “20 somethings” in tattoos! THAT ROCKS!

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One response to ““5 Reasons My Church ROCKS!”… just indulge me.

  1. SimplySarahJ

    February 28, 2011 at 1:33 pm

    Our church does rock! So blessed to serve and be a part of the local family here!


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