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10 Dec

The following post was written at beginning of 2010. We had just wrapped up our staff retreat and prepared to head home. My “wow” moment came when I looked around the room at the staff assembled.(and am blessed enough to be a part of). While Ben and Zack are not on staff with us anymore, Justin and Brady had their babies (so to speak) and Karen did indeed move with her family to the Metroplex… my sentiments remain exactly as they were 11 months ago….

January 15, 2010

I could not have been more proud to be part of the staff at First Baptist Church of Wichita Falls than I was this morning. As we wrapped up our staff retreat I looked around the room an was struck by the following thoughts…

Your staff is…..

VISIONARY – Our church was established about 130 years ago. In that time God has done amazing things. It seems that He has chosen to continue doing something special with us. He is allowing significant growth in attendance, depth and reach. As Pastor Bob mentioned last Sunday, we are exploring when to add an additional service, how best to help other churches in the area fulfill the great commission, and how to “wrap our arms around the community”.  Ya just don’t see that very often in a “big, old, downtown, Southern Baptist church”!

COMPETENT – every staff member personally reaches people for Christ. They also know how to recruit, train and motivate hundreds of volunteers to carry out ministry on a large-scale. To be on this staff you have to be able to do both.

UNIFIED – We are a very diverse staff. Chief has been at the church for 40+ years….Zack for 5 months.( Brandon Self, Associate Youth Pastor, stepped up after Zack’s departure and played a major role in revitalizing the Student Ministry in addition to serving as interim worship leader in the contemporary service) Sherrie is detailed and cautious (good thing too because she leads the children), Mike is outgoing and willing to take risks.  Karen (who leaves in May with her husbands transfer) has raised three awesome kids (Denise Roberts stepped in and continued the Preschool Ministry with the same high quality and excellence that Karen did… she even gave it a “tweek here and there” ) … Justin has their first child on the way. ( Lila-Kate is ridiculously cute and just started walking)  Rod is missions minded.  Brady is bent towards discipleship. (Drake was born a few weeks ago and mom and baby are doing great!) Lowell  is a “systems guy”.  Ben a worshipper…. etc. Under Bob’s leadership, we all prayed, laughed and dreamed …. “in one accord”.

MATURE – In the midst of “spirited debate” they show class and grace towards each other. Maturity is independent of age!

TOUGH – They have been tested by the demands of ministry. Many have faced criticism, doubters, loneliness, disappointment, unrealistic expectations, disillusionment, etc….All have been found faithful.  They are a tough bunch but have a soft heart for Jesus and His people.

Most importantly…THEY LOVE JESUS!   Man,  I wish you could have been at our prayer time this morning!  Humble, deep, seeking after God. No “professional Christians” in the room. Just folks that LOVE THE LORD!

Just wanted you to know!

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