Wingmen Fall “Re-Cap”

08 Dec

As promised, here are the notes from November 17, 2010 Fall Wrap-Up of Wingmen Men’s Ministry at FBC in Wichita Falls. We kickoff again in January with our “DEEP IMPACT” SERIES.  (underlined and capitalized words were left blank during the message)  These are the main ideas behind each week’s lesson… enjoy!


8/25   Week #1   “Dear Lord Destroy Me  (10 Qualities of a Man)

Isaiah 6:  God is usually bigger, holier, more fierce, gentler, and more aware than most of us UNDERSTAND

9/1     Week #2   “You Are NOT the Boss of Me”  (Authority)

 A man must understand and submit to the authority OVER him before he can understand and effectively wield the authority GIVEN him.

9/8     Week #3   “The Trouble with Men and Marriage

Everything in the home PIVOTS off of the man…if it doesn’t… then how can a man LEAD his family well. A man must be the servant-leader in his home.

9/15   Week #4   This Changes Everything (Forgiveness)

Forgiving others is THE MARK of a genuine faith in Christ. “Forgive as the Lord Forgave you”. Col. 3:13(c).

9/22   Week #5   A Father’s Gift(s) To His Family

A father holds the power to BLESS or CURSE his family…which will you choose?    2 Timothy 1  Paul Blesses Timothy

9/29   Week #6   Making Jesus Lord of My Home (J. Turner)

The husband and wife raise their family in a home where Jesus Christ is the FOCUS and MAIN  IDEA in the home.

 10/6  Week #7    Reminders from the “POINTMAN”

When the Enemy wants to DESTROY the home He focuses on the MAN!

10/13 Week #8   “GOD, LOVE, SEX”

God made SEX to unite a HUSBAND and WIFE together. It is one of the KEY ways He intends to increase protection, commitment, fulfillment in the marriage relationship. (oh yea, and of course “monkey love”)  Genesis 2:24, I Corinthians 7:2,5

10/20 Week #9   Lessons from a Fallen King, Pt.1

David would have NEVER given more than a FLEETING THOUGHT to Bathsheba had he understood the SHATTERING RESULTS of his sin.  2 Samuel 11

10/ 27 Week #10          Lessons from a Fallen King, Pt. 2

A man must get to the place in his fight with sin that he declares “THAT IS ALL I CAN STAND, I CAN’T STAND NO MORE!!!!!   Establish HEDGES before you are ever in the situation.

11/3   Week #11 Learning to Lead Like Jesus (Pastor Bob)

We copy a lot of good leaders…. It is time we learned from the BEST!

11/10 Week #12 He Said/She Said (Questions from Women)

We must live with our wives in “AN UNDERSTANDING WAY ”   1 Peter 7:7

11/17 Week #13 The Great Divide        

The greater the GAP in who we are PUBLICLY and who we are PRIVATELY, the greater the chance that we will FALLl.  (2 Tim. 3:5)


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