Monday Morning Brain Dump 5/10/10

10 May


  • Best 4 week stretch of sermons I have heard in the last 10 years.  “Decisions, Development and Deployment” will be the way we roll!  Thanks Bob!
  • Brian and Hannah Lee will do amazing things for God. Thankful to be part of their support  team. Watch out Ft Collins!
  • Turns out you get less sleep when your kids are teenagers than when they are infants… at least the way we do it!
  • 1 Kings 14:1-13  tells the great story about Jonathan “picking a fight’!  Does God want you to “pick one too”?
  • Simplifying life is a pretty easy precess. Fear is the thing that paralyzes us…. don’t be fearful… there is a good chance that the people you fear are guided by what everyone thinks of them….too!
  • My wife Margie is the most intuitive person I have ever met! She just knows stuff…..lots of stuff!  Some of it is the way she is gifted, some of it is that she is great at reading people….and some of it is that she is a mom!
  • I really think the best movie were made before 1960. Good guys were good, good girls were too. Non of the brooding, conflicted, angst-ridden “heroes”….black or white! So what if it did not reflect real life…. it’s a movie!
  • One of my Life Group Directors has become pastor of a local church….talk about “deployment!”  Way to go Robert and Erica…real proud of ya!
  • The Astros are the worst team in baseball….they are terrible. I still love em!
  • The World Cup Starts in 32 days…. most Americans couldn’t  care less!. Me? I can’t wait!  Come on USA!
  • We said goodbye (moved)  to Lynn and Karen Pace. Karen is perhaps the best Preschool Director who ever lived! They will be in the Metroplex having moved with Lynn’s job. To quote our pastor…. “It would not be so bad to loose her if it had not been so good to have her”!
  • 95% of God’s will for your/my  life is already spelled out in scripture. Live out the 95% and the other 5% (that we worry most about ) will be more easily discerned!
  • Christian Atheist by Craig Groeschel is a great read!  The premise is that many of us who are in the” Christian culture” actually live like God does not exist. Are we actually Christians then?
  • Proud to be part of my family!  …they live like people who believe God is real! (see above) Pretty cool considering my side really did not grow up in church.
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