Tuesday Morning “Brain Dump” (1-12-10)

12 Jan

Tuesday mornings are usually the first time I can “breathe” since Sunday morning at about 6am. So much happens in that 48 hours that I stay pretty focused and streamlined in my thinking. Late Monday night, however, is a time that I reflect on the previous 6 days. These are a few things that just keep coming up…..

  • My Pastor’s message Sunday morning was , hands down, the best message I have heard (anywhere) in the last 6 months. And believe me, I listen to a lot “big names” and even some of the “little ones”. It showed great humility, leadership and wisdom. Phrases about “going to people and not expecting them to come to us”, being “missional minded”, reaching out expecting nothing in return, the expectation that our church should help other churches that are struggling……. I could go on! You just don’t typically hear that at a 130 year old Downtown First Baptist Church.  That may explain the terrific growth we are experiencing…
  • Senior Adults Rock! They have more love and understanding about ministry that most of us “Young Adults”. They understand sacrifice and commitment.  They don’t just talk about service…they do it!
  • Snow does not always melt in temps above freezing. It was 58 degrees yesterday and I still have some snow in my yard!
  • My Daughter can sing! Man can she sing! Yea, yea, I know, but really….she can sing!
  • Leading people to Jesus Never gets old! – Got to walk someone across the line last week. Prayed with a young man who was empty. Deeply moved and getting plugged in. Now that is what I signed up for!
  • Seeing marriages implode  is “real old”! I’m really tired of this story…unfaithful, money probs, kid issues, jobs, insecurity, abuse, lust, jealousy…..blah blah blah….. I have heard it.  At the risk of going all “Mark Driscol” on people…”Just STOP IT!”
  • No program, counseling or personality can transform a heart like Jesus….not even Oprah.
  • I love BRIT HUME!
  • I love my S.H.W.* more than any person on the planet! Married to Margie for 21 years on January 7th.  Best friend, lover, confidant, counselor, encourager, voice of reason …. she is IT!
  • Discovered I’m not really a “Truck Guy” – Expensive lesson! Anyone wanna buy a truck?  You will love it!  Diesel, F250, Crew Cab, 4×4 call me:)
  • I like soccer – May as well get that off my chest too. Watched my son play indoor soccer (3 goals) combined with a diet of English Premier League over the last few weeks.  I have been won over…….. GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL!
  • Best iphone App I have is Spurgeon’s “Morning and Evening”.  Just get it and you will see.
  • I don’t dream big enough – but working on it.

aaaaahhhhhh….. I feel better!

* Smokin Hot Wife


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