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A Word to “Middle Managers”

A Few thing to consider for us “Middle Managers”….

Most of us will be “middle managers” of some kind. We will report to someone and have others report to us. It is a difficult spot to be in for sure!

We must develop the ability to:

… put much of our personal agenda on someone else’s timetable. For those of us wanting to “climb a little” it is easy to get impatient. If you are a Christian and reading this then remember: God is more interested in your character than your position. Let Him use your job to build into your life qualities that reflect a love for Jesus.

never speak disparagingly about your boss. That is tempting. It may not get you fired but will limit your potential. If your boss is that bad, every one else is thinking it too. No need to say it. The boss always finds out.

…”speak up” in a manner that communicates teamwork and not division. We all hate “yes men” but it is key to know when to address key issues that are important to the Sr. leadership of an organization. Usually that means that you communicate approval for an idea or direction the organization is going when you are in public (meeting etc) but seek to bring up valid points in private when it is safe. Rare is the boss who will allow you to debate a point publicly.

be trustworthy when given assignments. “I don’t have the time” is usually a reflection of poor time management on your part or lack of commitment to getting the job done. Yea, I know, sometimes it is the fact that your boss is unreasonable too.

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Wanna Be Irreplaceable?

In the last week alone I have received 5 brochures for church leadership conferences that will be meeting all over the country. These conferences promise to be “life changing”, “paradigm shifting”, “leadership demanded”, “dynamic”, “next generation”, “creative”, “culturally relevant” and “impactful”. I’m sure they will be….

I have been to several of these type leadership conferences and to their credit were very well done and professional. Yet I can’t help but ask myself (as I paradigm shift and become culturally relevant) WHERE IS THE…..(or rather, where is my…)

1. HUMILITY? – while it is sometimes addressed, it is done so in a way that used scripture to simply give a prerequisite to getting to be the “Chief”.   “Humble yourself in God’s sight and he will lift you up” is not a promise that you will get the job….. it is a promise that you will be pleased with whatever God decides to do with you.  Primarily because you will be more interested in His promotion than your own. 

2. SUBMISSION TO AUTHORITY? A leader will often want this given to him but rarely wants to come under it.  People submitting to us is easy….submitting to someone else is much harder.

My own testimony: I wasted years of potential because God would not significantly use me until I understood that “Submitting to Authority” has little to do with value and much to do with structure. (2 Peter)

3. LOYALTY? I have not heard a lot about the fact that loyalty is not related to agreement…it is related to committment? I may not agree with those in authority over me however my committment to them dictates that I will support them (moral ethical or illegal difference not withstanding)  My preferences are secondary to those over me. My choice is to stay and support or to leave and flourish. I cannot stay and be subversive.

So many young ministers will save themselves bitterness and frustration if they could really take these three qualities and, instead of bristle against them…embrace them!

These three qualities are mocked in our culture yet they are qualities that every good leader is looking for in his/her people.

Wanna be irreplaceable?  Try submitting to the AUTHORITY God has placed in your life. Do so with HUMILITY and OBEDIENCE!