Random Questions 21-29

13 Nov

#21  Who did you vote for in the last election? None of your business:)  but I will tell ya that I was not real happy with the folks we had to choose from. Think I’ll write in a name next time.

#22 What person in history would you like to meet and why? Gotta go with more than one.  George Washington, Francis Marion, Eric Liddle, Apostle Paul, Josephus….a bunch of em. (by the way, didn’t  list Jesus cause I already met him)

#23 When were you “called to Ministry”? Sophomore in College…I was gonna be a rich business man  up until then.

#24 What is best gift you have ever received? (duh!) 2nd best gift was a Schwinn “Lemon Peeler” 5 Speed bicycle.  Big tire in back, small one in the front. Nothing was cooler in 1975!

#25 What is your proudest achievement? So far? My family. I know they are great sometimes in spite of me but I’m gonna take the blame if they mess up so I may as well grab some credit.

#26  If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?  Your kidding, right?

#27 What do you like most about your ministry? Love seeing the “lights come on” with people. Mine is a “teaching and training” ministry so that is the point right?

#28 What do you like least about your ministry?  Well, right now Iam frustrated in dealing with people that want to “go deeper”. I think that “going deeper” is sometimes code for: “I’m the most spiritual person in the room and I can’t learn from someone unless it is served up like I like it.” What is deeper than Jesus Loves me?  That Too harsh?

#29 What do you do to relax? Work out, read, watch Discovery, History, Smithsonian or SyFy Channel. Yep….classic “geek”.

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