Events That Changed My Life…pt 1

12 Nov
Every Fall I spend some time remembering events that have shaped my life.
It just kind of gives me a sense of who God has made me to be. The following are a few examples.
  • Became a Christian in Summer of 1980…. gave my life to Christ.  The Youth Group from the church came and “kidnapped” me. Took me to church promising pizza and girls. (think 7th grade) What they did not tell me (sneaky little rascals) is that I would be expected to sit through a sermon. Though I had been to church I never really heard the gospel before. I was blown away! That night, in my room, I prayed and asked Jesus to save me and be Lord of my life. That began a journey that continues to this day.  My oldest brother had given his life to Christ a year or two before and his life was changed (still is). It was his consistent life that convinced me that the “Jesus thing” is real.
  • Dad Died in Fall of 1980… Halloween morning. Woke up to an ambulance and Dad, covered by a sheet, being taken to the “hospital”. He had died in his sleep of a heart attack. That was 29 years ago and I still miss him terribly. Wish I could show off my wife to him! He would have loved her. My kids would love him as he was a very gregarious, whimsical and thoughtful man. Whistled all the time.   …… Did I mention that I hate Halloween
  • First Kiss – Ann Tetrick in 7th Grade. Weird…real wierd. (The Kiss not her)
  • Best Kiss – Margie Baxter in 10th Grade. (That kiss was so good I married her 6 years later!!!)
  • Married Margie Baxter  – January 7, 1989. My High School sweetheart! She has stuck with me through ups and downs….In some ways my mentor, my trainer, my lover, my counselor but in all ways my best friend! Much more on her later….
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