Random Questions #11-20

11 Nov

#11 – What is the story behind the names of your kidsSydney Elizabeth– named after our Great Aunts.  Both were the matriarchs of the family.   Sarah-Clare – Margie’s mother and my mother.  Grayson Baxter – love the name Grayson and Baxter is Margie’s maiden name

 #12 – What is your favorite TV show?   “24”….I actually have some “confusing” feelings for Jack Bauer. Not proud of it…. I’m just saying!

 #13 – If you were the President of the United States—what is the first thing you would change?  I would have term limits for everyone in the House and Senate. Each could serve a max of 12 years. Period.

 #14 – Coke or Pepsi?   Coke…all people who love Jesus love Coca-Cola!!

 #15 – Mountains or the beach?  Both Margie and I love the beach but we live in North Texas and our favorite beach is about 13 hours away…  but we usually go there every other year!

 #16 – Favorite place you have never been on vacation?  England (entire UK)

 #17 – What amazes you most about God?  That He loves someone like me!

 #18 – What do you think is the biggest obstacle that most churches face? Fear:  we have a big view of our stuff (money, staff, buildings) and a small view of God.

 #19 – Favorite book of the Bible?   WOW…tough one….James (Handbook of the Bible)

 #20 – Favorite question to ask people?  “What would you be willing to attempt for God if you knew you could not fail?”

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