3 Keys to a Great Marriage…

11 Nov

3 Keys to a Great Marriage that NOBODY is talking about….

  1. Every man should SUBMIT to the authorities placed in his life. 1 Peter 2:13-17, 1 Samuel 15:22-23.  If the man you are interested in spending the rest of your life with has an authority problem…  RUN AWAY!  You want to marry a man who “gets this”! You are  begging for problems and pain if you get involved with this guy! Can’t keep a job, disloyal to those over him, “smartest guy in the room”….. we call that a 5th grader not a man!
  2. SELF AWARENESS is more important than spouse evaluation. .  Psalm 17:3, 2 Corinthians 13:5, Jeremiah 17:10. God examines us FULLY. We really need to know what God sees in us. Fix you first, then worry about your spouse!  He/she may be broken because of you anyway:)
  3. Married people should “SET APART” their spouse as unique among every other person on the planet! Acts 13:2, Romans 1, Ephesians 5:25. Never ever compare your spouse unfavorably to anyone else!  Ever. Even if she says she “doesn’t mind” or he insists it is “ok”.   No one else is your spouse……. so don’t treat anyone with the same deference that you give your  spouse.

Taken from the Bible Study series “Things They Did not Tell Me about My Faith”…. HF, 2007

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