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3 Keys to a Great Marriage…

3 Keys to a Great Marriage that NOBODY is talking about….

  1. Every man should SUBMIT to the authorities placed in his life. 1 Peter 2:13-17, 1 Samuel 15:22-23.  If the man you are interested in spending the rest of your life with has an authority problem…  RUN AWAY!  You want to marry a man who “gets this”! You are  begging for problems and pain if you get involved with this guy! Can’t keep a job, disloyal to those over him, “smartest guy in the room”….. we call that a 5th grader not a man!
  2. SELF AWARENESS is more important than spouse evaluation. .  Psalm 17:3, 2 Corinthians 13:5, Jeremiah 17:10. God examines us FULLY. We really need to know what God sees in us. Fix you first, then worry about your spouse!  He/she may be broken because of you anyway:)
  3. Married people should “SET APART” their spouse as unique among every other person on the planet! Acts 13:2, Romans 1, Ephesians 5:25. Never ever compare your spouse unfavorably to anyone else!  Ever. Even if she says she “doesn’t mind” or he insists it is “ok”.   No one else is your spouse……. so don’t treat anyone with the same deference that you give your  spouse.

Taken from the Bible Study series “Things They Did not Tell Me about My Faith”…. HF, 2007

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Random Questions #11-20

#11 – What is the story behind the names of your kidsSydney Elizabeth– named after our Great Aunts.  Both were the matriarchs of the family.   Sarah-Clare – Margie’s mother and my mother.  Grayson Baxter – love the name Grayson and Baxter is Margie’s maiden name

 #12 – What is your favorite TV show?   “24”….I actually have some “confusing” feelings for Jack Bauer. Not proud of it…. I’m just saying!

 #13 – If you were the President of the United States—what is the first thing you would change?  I would have term limits for everyone in the House and Senate. Each could serve a max of 12 years. Period.

 #14 – Coke or Pepsi?   Coke…all people who love Jesus love Coca-Cola!!

 #15 – Mountains or the beach?  Both Margie and I love the beach but we live in North Texas and our favorite beach is about 13 hours away…  but we usually go there every other year!

 #16 – Favorite place you have never been on vacation?  England (entire UK)

 #17 – What amazes you most about God?  That He loves someone like me!

 #18 – What do you think is the biggest obstacle that most churches face? Fear:  we have a big view of our stuff (money, staff, buildings) and a small view of God.

 #19 – Favorite book of the Bible?   WOW…tough one….James (Handbook of the Bible)

 #20 – Favorite question to ask people?  “What would you be willing to attempt for God if you knew you could not fail?”

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Random Questions #5-10

#5 – Who Was The First Person You Ever Saw Live In Concert?Amy Grant (D.L. Ligon Coleseum, must have been 1982ish)

 #6 – What is your dream car? Aston Martin DB-8 (It will never happen)  1970 Olds 442 Convertable (maybe?)

 #7 – Who are your favorite musical artists?  Rich Mullins, Sydney Frank

 #8 – How often do you miss a Sunday Morning at FBC? Usually I will miss only once or twice. This year I will be out 4 times. Vacation and Speaking.  

 #9 – Who are some Christian leaders you have not met yet that you would most like to meet?  Rob Peabody/Perry Noble/Mark Driscoll/Robin Mark

  #10 – What is your favorite Bible verse?  Currently…Micah 6:8

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Random Questions…1-4

I ran across these questions from a leadership blog and thought I would give them a go.

#1 What is your favorite restaurant?

Local = probably Texas Road House for the atmosphere….but not for the price
Out of Town = Chick-Fil-A….yea, really.  I have tons of memories from Houston and Amarillo there.

#2 – What are your top 5 favorite movies?

Tough one…I’m pretty Old School when it comes to movies so I’ll have to give you a list…

  • Field of Dreams (Best Ever…even with Kevin Costner)
  • Star Wars IV (the First One)
  • Road to Rio (Anything with Bob Hope is good)
  • White Christmas (Bing, Danny, Rosemary etc. Fantastic!)
  • The Life of Reilly (Danny Kaye)
  • Sahara (New One)
  • The Patriot (should be required in schools)
  • It’s a Wonderful Life (Frank Capra nailed it!)
  • The Christmas Story
  • All of the Vacation Movies (TV Version)

#3 – Paper or plastic?

Save a tree or feed a landfill? Actually it’s all about trying to make as few trips as possible. Both?

#4 – Biggest Pet Peeve

Bumper stickers: including…anyone’s honor student, cartoons urinating on anything, vulgar stickers, fish (unless they are the ones you catch)

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